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Burning To 2 Drives At Once



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In case you really mean "Will Roxio Creator 2009 [the current flagship software] burn the same project simultaneously to my two burners ?"


the answer is "Yes"




I have Easy Media Creator 10. It only allows me to select one drive?

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If you're using the Data Disc option from the Home application you can only burn to one drive at a time because that's a simplified, Sonic Program with few abilities.


However, if you use Creator Classic [if you have it] then when you click the Burn button you'll get a 'Burn Setup' box.

At the top of that box [see picture] you should have both your burners shown, and if you check both the boxes I've ringed you should be able to burn to both burners simultaneously. Creator Classic has many more abilities than 'Data Disc'.





Please be aware that if your burners aren't identical, you can only burn at a speed common to both of them.

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