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There Is A Valid Installation, No Need To Clean Up



I posted this error over 2 weeks ago, and 147 have viewed this query, but no one can answer it? What is my solution now? I can't take it back to the store. Rather frustrated.


Previous entry as follows:

I have done a complete uninstall and cleanup following the instructions to the letter. It seemed like things were going great. Registry clean etc.

Then I received "You must install Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 before installing the content".

Reading all I can find in the forums, I ran the 2009 Content Disk error hotfix, and when I try to re-install, I receive:

"There is a valid installation, no need to clean up."

So I try to follow the clean install instructions again. But there is nothing to be cleaned...

What now?

I am getting frustrated and this is about the 6th or 7th time doing the clean install reboot sequence.

I have uninstalled my virus scanner and am doing all I can.

Help please.


Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit

4 Megs Ram

1.5 Terabytes HD

nVidia 8800 GTX

Lightscribe drive.

Store purchased DVD of Roxio Easy Media Creator 2009.

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I cannot see a pinned post to my error. I have received the following errors, but I do not see a valid installation error.

I have run the Clean and Hotfixes in exact order, with a friend many times.

To our frustration, it has not worked in the 7 times we have tried.

If a product claims to work on a system, there is no excuse to be fiddling with the registry.

Someone who does not know the inner workings of a PC should be able to install it.

Now, barring following the exact cleans and re-installs. What can I do?

Or can someone post a link to the pinned article to which I cannot find.

The months are ticking by, and the program is still not installed on my PC.


Received error...

"There is a valid installation, no need to clean up."


Do not want to uninstall an 8th time. Getting sick of this. Is there a hotfix to make it work yet???

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I can no longer run the cleanup software as it states there is a valid installation and no need to cleanup.

It ends there. I have repeatedly followed the EMC10 issue with no solution. I would like to thank those for their help in assisting myself in solving this issue, but I have owned this since Christmas and no luck installing it.

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What cleanup software???


First you uninstall from control panel, add/remove programs


Then you follow the steps outlined in the KB article to remove the registry entries and any Roxio/Sonic folders




Do not miss ANY steps - and equally importantly, do not ADD any steps

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