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Virtual Folders Are Created By Tivo Transfer To Go




Tivo Transfer created virtual folders on my hard disk into which it puts my transfers. It's hidden, but is located in my internal hard disk > Volumes, but Volumes do not show in Finder, so I can't see anything on this drive. It makes it difficult to find my transfers and my photos, because they get "put" into the virtual folder, instead into my external drive.



I started with Toast 8, but upgraded to 9. When I began using it, it created a virtual folder (it actually created 7 of them), on my laptop hard disk. I (try to) keep all my Tivo transfers and photos on my external Seagate drive. The only way I can find some of my transfers is by choosing to locate the files in Finder. I need the transfers to be on the external. The other big problem is with my photos. I use Photoshop Lightroom, and when I download them to my external drive, some sort of pointer gets set so that Lightroom thinks they are in the virtual Seagate drive (named Seagate 8). This means I have to tell Lightroom where my photos are again and again, even though they are physically on my external. ARGH.


I can't find anything on virtual drives on Apple's site or on Toast's site. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get rid of this, or at least get more data on it? Is there terminology that I'm missing that I should be using to search on?


thanks in advance!




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