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Soundstream Has Lost It's Mp3 Codec.


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Brendon and gi7omy do any of you have any idea why I have lost my mp3 burning capabilities with soundstream. Months ago when I re-installed Platinum 5 on this machine(I had many problems getting it to work) everything was fine. :glare: I went for more months without it because I didn't need to use it. But I would still like to have my mp3 burning with soundstream working. :o Any thoughts. Tomorrow I will re-install the whole suite if needed. :(


Thanks, Glenn

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Hi Glenn,


Usually that's caused by the MP3 codec being broken by some other software you install. If that has fallen over, there could be other things which have been broken as well. It might be a good idea to reinstall 5 Platinum anyway.


There's a pinned post at the top of the forum with suggestions on how to install it in XP.


Best regards,


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Am I the only one still having problems with ECD 5 not recognizing my mp3's? :angry2: No matter how many times I install and re-install it just doesn't want to recognize my encoder. I have lame3.98 installed and also the Fraunhoffer Pro mp3 codecs. I like to burn sometimes with Soundstream and use the settings in this program. :( Brendan, any ideas? Does your Soundstream recognize the MP3 encoder?

Everything works fine on my C2D machine, even with mp11 and AVG 7.5. I'm at a loss. No other burning issues except with Soundstream. :unsure:



I'm working with an AMD 2800+ machine

with 2g of ram

Chaintech 7njl1 Apogee board

Plextor and Lite-on DVD burners

Px-16A and Lite-on DH20A4HO8C (20x)Lightscribe

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