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Related problem



I am having a related problem. When I try to convert my dvr-ms file (slightly over 3 hrs in total length) to a "usable" format in Roxio Creater 2009, the resultant video is only slightly over 27 minutes. I have tried several different methods with Creator 2009 (Edit Video - Advanced, Copy and Convert DVD-Video, Create DVDs - Advanced) where you specify an input dvr-ms file and get out a resultant "usable" file (say mpg), and they all truncate the resultant file at the same point. I am using a Vista 64 bit platform. Is this a known problem or is anybody else seeing this too?



Charles Lawrence

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If the file were OK, it would work, not break at 27 minutes…


Load it into Windows Movie Maker and output it as an mpeg. (since Windows created it, it might be able to deal with it)


FYI: File size is essentially a useless number in video. Length of play is what matters.



I still claim the source is OK since I can play it to completion in the various players, as I mentioned before. Also like I said, Windows Movie Maker will successfully convert the dvr-ms source to an avi, which plays to completion. Creator 2009 does this: if I use VideoWave, it wants to take the source and convert it (it calls it "transcoding") to an mpg (slightly over 27 minutes long); if I use Video Copy & Convert, it wants to convert it (it calls it "remux" it) to an mpg (again slightly over 27 minutes long). I claim there is a bug in Creator 2009 whereby it is truncating the "conversion" prematurely. Still waiting for confirmation on this from somebody out there.


I will use WMM like you suggest to create an mpeg, but I don't see what that will prove, since WMM makes the avi just fine as well. I will post results as soon as I have a chance to do it.


Again, thanks for your response and suggestions/help,



PS: Turns out that creating an mpg is not an option in WMM, only DV-AVI (avi) and several formats of WMV

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There is something wrong with your source file.


Need more info on it.


Thanks for your response Jim_Hardin.


No there is nothing wrong with the source file that I know. It plays to completion just fine in any number of players (Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, CinePlayer, previews OK in all Roxio apps I tried). It just won't convert the complete file in Creator 2009. I just discovered the ability of Windows Movie Maker to take the dvr-ms file as input, drag it to the timeline, then "Publish Movie" as DV-AVI file. It worked fine creating a 38 GB resultant avi from the 11 GB source. This was what I was trying to get Creator 2009 to do.



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