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Using Video Ts Folder Compilation



I have just purchased Toast 9 to create DVD video discs of home videos from a video camera.

All works well and I am now trying to use the Video TS folder compilation feature.


I dragged over 3 Video TS folders with each having two video tracks of 5 minutes, they were previously authored in iDVD with a selection menu.


This created a DVD disc that autoplays the video and playes back fine.


Although the original DVD projects had a selection menu, the Options Tab for compilations shows ''Menu - No''

My question; Is there a way to include the existing selection menu or a new menu with buttons for the additional video tracks?



thanks for reading



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Yes. You need to do it differently though in order to get a selection menu. Follow these steps:


1. Select DVD-video as the format in the Video window.

2. Choose DVD with the top button of the Toast Media Browser.

3. Insert a DVD that you has videos you want in your compilation, or place the VIDEO_TS folder on your Desktop (or in the Movies folder).

4. When something appears in the Media Browser double click on it to see the individual titles that are within that DVD or VIDEO_TS folder. Drag the titles you want on your compilation to the Video window. Toast extract the MPEG video files and displays a thumbnail and title in the Video window.

5. Eject the source DVD or move elsewhere (or trash) the VIDEO_TS folder and repeat the process with your other sources.

6. When you have all the titles you want in the Video window set up your menu the way you want. This is the same process as if you were making a new video DVD from other kinds of video files. You can change the order, change the description, change the automatic or continuous playback and change the menu text and style.

7. When you are done preparing the menu either choose Save as Disc Image or click the burn button to burn your new video DVD. If you choose Save as Disc Image you can preview it in DVD Player by selecting the disc image using the Image File setting in the Copy window so it can be mounted.


There will be no re-encoding of your source video because it is already video DVD compliant.

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