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Toast Crash At Quit



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I don't know what is triggering that. You might try repairing permissions and running Disk Warrior if you have it. As a test you could create a new user account and see if the same thing happens when using Toast in that account.

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Welcome to the club. I haven't seen this yet with toast 10, but 9 did it all the time. I'd finish a burn, and no matter how I quit the application (File>Quit Toast, Cmd+Q, or just close the window) it would appear to close normally, and then the window appears saying it quit unexpectedly.


Adobe CS3 has done this with every application since the day I installed it, and on more than one machine. Toast did it on my iMac but not the mini. The iMac is dead and gone, so I only have the mini to work with, and Toast 10 has only been on it for two days now. I have yet to burn anything with it. So far I'm only using CDSpinDoctor after the OS 10.5.6 problem with Toast 9 and CDSpinDoctor 5.


I've just become accustomed to seeing this window after closing these applications. They still work right, and I can reopen them right after the "crash" with no problems.

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I am running 10.5.6 on a G5 and am noting that Toast 10 will crash at quit. Have deleted preferences in user library as well as unit library to no avail. Ideas?




Can you open up Console (under Applications --> Utilities) and step through launching and quitting Toast. Any messaging in the console that appears as well as a cut/paste of the crashlog itself would be helpful in tracking this down.


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