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Toast 9.0.4 Incompatible With Os X 10.5.6

The Zombie


After waking from sleep, Toast 9.0.4 will not quit or force quit in OS X 10.5.6

Activity Monitor does not show Toast running, but Dock Icon shows it running. Attempts at re-launching Toast are unsuccessful. At this point, the only way to shut down computer is hard shut down.


Occasionally, attempts to launch will result in one bounce of Dock Icon, and then nothing - Only way out is the same... hard shut down.


I have archived and installed all new system and still have the same exact problem!!!


Anyone else experiencing incompatibilities with 10.5.6? 10.5.4 worked flawlessly with Toast 9.0.4.


Toast 8 was a disaster also! Quits, crashes, freezes, won't launch, but these were well documented by many others... what's going on... yikes!!!!!

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I posted this into the other thread as well:


Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support


Please follow the Folder Paths below. Once in the Specified folder, please move the following files to the Trash Can. Once all files are move to the Trash, please follow the instrcutions below.


Folder Paths:

Macintosh HD/Library/Prefrences/

Macintosh HD/Users/(your user name)/Library/Prefrences/


Trash these below files from both folders above(if found in both):


















Popcorn Preferences

Roxio Toast Prefs


And any other com.Roxio.* files found. If you do not see the files in one folder, please check the other.


Now you will need to Secure Empty your Trash. Close all windows and return to your desktop, click Finder(menubar)> Secure Empty Trash and restart the computer.


When the computer starts up again, please go to the following website and check for any update to your version of Toast, if an update is found for your version, please download and save the update. Install and Replace your version of Toast in Applications with the update.


Roxio Toast updates:



Open your Applications folder and double click on your Toast Titanium folder, then double click on the Toast Titanium application. Be sure you are not launching Toast from the .dmg file or Mounted Drive, you need to move the App folder to your Applications folder before launching.


**You cannot launch Extras before launching Toast. For all extra software such as CD Spin Doctor, Tivo Transfer, etc click the Extras Menu in Toast.


If the information provided does not resolve your issue simply update your webticket with a detailed explanation with the steps you have tried and any error messages you receive.




Roxio Technical Support


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