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Power Calibration Area Error



Basically I get this error every time I try to burn music. I'm using the correct type of CDs (CD-R) and am using the exact same type as I always have without any problems. I've used several out of a new pack to make sure the problem isn't with the individual CDs. I've used Roxio CD Creator plenty of times in the past for years now without any problems. I've also tried several other softwares with burning capabilities (Nero, Real, WMP) and they all fail as well. I tend to keep an exact copy of the CDs I burn on my hard drive and as a test I tried to burn one that I already successfully have in the past and I ended up getting the same error ("Power Calibration Area Error").


I was reading some help sites and my current thinking is that I need to replace my burner. I just wanted to confirm this before I pay for a new one.

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The Power Calibration Area is an area on your disc where the drive can make test burns. It reads these burns to try and get an optimum setting for the best burn to that disc, and sets itself up accordingly.


If for some reason it's having trouble getting a decent burn it will repeat these tests, and when the drive is in difficulty it can fill the test area without getting a satisfactory setting - then you get that error.


You can get a 'PCA full' error because of bad media, or because components in the drive are out of spec due to age or heat or both. If changing the media or using known good media does not fix the problem, then it's likely to be the drive which has drifted out of spec as Daithi is suggesting.


Unfortunately, you'll find that the labor and time cost in having a specialist strip, recalibrate, and rebuild the drive will set you back lots more than buying a new drive with unworn parts and a fresh warranty. :(








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