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Un-install Problem





I have un-installed Roxio from a PC and am getting several error messages in my event log. Each time I (or any other user) logs onto the pC many error messages are being generated. Didn't see any problem when we un-installed the prog but now - well!!!


I've tried searching for the offending file on the C drive and in the registry. Nothing on the drive but found one in the registry which I deleted but still did not get rid of the problem...


Any ideas would be greatly apprecieted please?


Here's a copy of the event log error.



Event Type: Warning

Event Source: MsiInstaller

Event Category: None

Event ID: 1001

Date: 11/01/2009

Time: 12:00:31

User: JCMGROUP\johnm

Computer: WSTAT-SALES2


Detection of product '{BF83EFE2-C9F0-40D4-841C-2066668C1D7A}', feature 'ISUM' failed during request for component '{D2D7B4BF-6CCA-11D5-8B3F-00105A9846E9}'


For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

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Thanks for the reply - tried all that and still getting these warning messages coming up in the event log. What happens exactly is that as the machine loads it starts flashing a screen message saying 'installing' a program and that's all I see - when I check the event log I have 34 messages - all the same as the one I sent yesterday.


Any more suggestions please? This is very frustrating....



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Yes did that - on all users. I always have this set up to un-hide all as administrator on our network.

I also deleted all entries in the registy for Roxio and Sonic


This is very strange indeed - and annoying. Roxio does seem to be a bit of a dog when it comes to it's un-installer - leaves a lot behind. But this is really bugging me - I cannot see where it can be picking up this installer from at each boot up.


Any other ideas?




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Deleting all Roxio entries in the register could be the problem - there are a couiple that refer to the built-in burning sioftware of the OS and they were provided by Roxio abnd it's possible that the missing file notice is a Windows one rather than a Roxio one

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