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Cut-down or OEM limited software


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Ouch... where did you get the file? Camcorder? What type/model?



I'm having the exact same problem. I have two movies that I downloaded and I get the error message from Roxio stating that due to the audio files being AC3, it will be replaced with silence. I tried downloading the file recommended, the AC3Filter, and I went to Windows Movie Maker and I get sound but no video.


The file is converted to an MPEG movie. I don't know why Roxio won't recognize the AC3 Filter. I am trying to download the Roxio 9 update right now (I clicked on the deluxe version, hoping that will get rid of this problem).


I've never had a problem with Roxio until this!

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If you have a cut-down version of a Roxio suite which won't let you use AC3 audio, it is not because you don't have the AC3 filter installed on your system, it is because the Roxio software intentionally BLOCKS the use of the AC3 audio. It does the same with the DivX and XviD video codecs.


If you have a cut-down version which blocks these codecs, no amount of installing the filters or codecs is going to help. The only solution is to completely uninstall this version [to remove the blocks] and use something else.


There is no way you can progress from a cut-down version to a full or deluxe version unless you buy the full version. What a happy coincidence! :(


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