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Cassette Tape Transfer To Cd


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I am very interested in purchasing the roxio vhs to dvd transferring device. I also understand that it will also convert cassette tapes and lp records.

What kind of devise will you use to play the cassette tapes, lp recods to connect to my pc?

I have an HP Media center which I can transfer my vhs to dvds, but not cassette tapes or lp records.

Your help will be appreciated so I can make a decision to purchase this roxio device.

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I would buy Roxio Creator 2009 current version with the USB Device bundled with Creator 2009. It will do all and more than the limited software "roxio vhs to dvd transferring device".


Amazon and other online retailers had good deals plus $20.00 rebates before the New Year, look around.


If you buy the software from the Roxio website there's a 30 return policy...



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