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My Videos directory corruption?



I just purchased EMC 8 as a download at the beginning of last week and installed it. I'm trying to use it for the first time to import video and have run into a strange situation with the directory where the video files were placed by the product.


I did a transfer from my video camera using the EMC 8 Import feature and it created video files under the default My Videos directory (i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\userID\My Documents\My Videos).


When I tried to navigate to this directory via Windows Explorer, the system hung up. When I tried to restart the machine an error dialog appeared when trying to 'Set Icon'. This problem has only appeared since I installed EMC 8 and did the import.


When I go into Command Prompt window and change to the My Documents Directory, the My Videos directory is not listed in the dir results. This is strange.


I thought there may be some disk corruption so I ran the Disk Cleanup Windows utility to find and correct any file corruption issues. This didn't fix the above problem.


Even stranger, when I did a Windows Search of all .avi files, it found all the files I imported and stated they were under the My Videos directory (as I expected). I can select and play them from the search results window.


Is there some problem with EMC 8 corrupting something in Windows to cause this contradictory situation?


My environment is Windows Media Center 2005 with latest XP updates.

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