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Creator Classic 2009 Not Working After Sp2



Creator Classic is no longer working. I continually get the following error after pressing the icon to burn the CD, "Power on reset or bus device reset occurred - Unit attention."


Here are the particulars:


Creator 2009 SP2


VistaUlt32 (SP1 and all updates)

i7 965

6GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 @ 1800 MHz

WD VelociRaptors in RAID 0

Sony CRX320E CD-RW

Sony DRU-840A DVD-RW


Same message on the DVD burner as with the CD drive.

Same message on a brand new, never used before DVD burner

Checked and double checked all connections

Both drives work fine in other applications

Unable to burn with Sony brand media

Unable to burn with Memorex media

Unable to burn after complete uninstall followed by reinstall

**Was** able to burn CD via Windows burn utility

**Was** able to burn CD with BurnAware free program


My conclusions to date:


The only thing that Creator 2009 is apparently able to burn is my patience. Am I crazy or is Creator fast becoming bloatware that is now arrogantly installing all of its apps (whether I want them or not), punching a hole in my firewall (whether I want it to or not), starting all sorts of Services to monitor everything I do (whether I want it to or not), metastethizing into some 8 bazillion registry entries ... and now, does not work?


Is this what I paid bongo bucks for?


Maybe ... just maybe ... a handful of small programs like BurnAware free is all I really need instead of this thing??? Hmmmmm ....


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