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Trimming Of Qt Files For Burning To Dvd-video



I'm creating a DVD made up of a series of QT files. So I drag all the QT files into the DVD-Video area, they all appear fine, with titles, duration etc. Now I go in and edit each QT file to trim the start and finish off, using the start and finish playheads. It's strange because the duration drops down to what appears to be the total of the trimmed pieces of video and not the section in the middle. I'm thinking it's a bug in the duration counter. I check the that I haven't reversed the playheads round by sliding left and right. Yep, as I thought you can't reverse the playheads, that would be stupid, why would anyone want to burn the start and finish of a movie and not the bit in the middle??! So it must just be bug with the duration counter on the edit menu. I proceed to burn the DVD, sure enough it's burnt the short sections at the beginning and the end of each of the QT files and not the bits that I want in the middle!


I've just upgraded from Toast 6 and this part of Toast has changed very little from 6 to 10. I'm doing just as I did in 6 and getting the reverse result. Has anyone got any ideas?



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It has changed since Toast 6. You can place multiple markers and the part in yellow is the part that Toast ignores.


To trim the start and end do this:

Place a marker at the very start of the video and drag the right-half to the point where you want the edited video to begin.

Go to the end of the video and place another marker there. Drag the left-half to the left where you want the edited video to end.


You also can place markers at any point of the video.

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