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Crazy Menu Button Behavior



This is my first post, so I will try to give you enough information the first time around. I have captured video, edited it, created menus and burned multiple dvds all with no issues. However, now I went back to mydvd project made a few changes and a crazy thing is happening --- when I "Animate Preview" of my menu, the menu "up" style button blips in the preview window on the menu before the preview of the movie. Unfortunately, I was fiddling with the project so I am not able to tell you exactly what I did between the time it was working and the time the mysterious blip happened.


Here are my Environment Details

OS: Windows Vista

Application: Roxio MyDVD (Creator 2009 Special Edition)

Menu Style: Sports

Source (for animated menu): All movies on menu


Here are other things I have tried:

* Removed "up" style menu button. The blip disappears.

* Added "previous" style menu button. The blip is back, blipping the graphic of the button I selected.

* Changed source to "All Movies", then I picked 1 movie. Blip is still there as along as a menu button is on the menu.

* Made the menu still, then applying motion again. (saving the project in between). Still a blip.

* Added and removed various other graphic menu buttons. Now the blip is the new graphic.

* Removed all movies from menu. Since nothing to animate in the menu (except for the background), I just see the faded checkerboard of the animated movie preview square.

* I also tried creating a simple new project (2 submenus and 1 video) with Sports Menu Style and different videos. Same blip.

* Then I tried other menu styles. Same blip.

* And yes, I have searched the help files, the forums as well as google, etc. I tried to do my due dilligence before bothering you.


Is there a setting I am missing? Cause this was not happening before. Or did I corrupt something? If you would be able to help me I would be very appreciative as this is driving me nuts. Please Help?!


Update: Ok I removed my previous (incorrect) updates as I believe the issue has to do with the difference between hardware and software render. When I use hardware render, all is ok. When I use software render, the blip appears. Unfortunately, I have to use software render due to the screen tearing issue. So I resorted to changing all buttons to text, kept software render and burned. Not exactly what I wanted, but it is a compromise. I am going to look into hardware vs software a little more, but in the meantime if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

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