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Burned Audio Cd Does Not Work In Car Cd Player



I burned an audio cd and it works in a newer car but not in an older car (2001). The older car plays cd's that I purchased from the store but not the one I burned with Roxio. I used the audio format and not mp3. I tried burning it at 8x, 4x, and even 2x speeds with no luck. The cd that was burned at 2x speed wouldn't even load. Does anyone have any ideas of how I may able to burn a cd that might work? Is there a trick or software that I can use to burn the cd? What is the difference in formats between the store bought cd and the one that was burned?

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Some older players [and some newer ones with cheap drives] can't play burned discs.


There's no great difference in format between store-bought and burned CDs, but the signal level when reading a store-bought CD is huge while the level from a CDR is a lot less, and the level from a CDRW is really tiny.


When burnable CDs were developed player circuits were redesigned to cope with the vastly different signal levels, but there are players with the old design still in service, and they can't perform very well with burned discs. It's a matter of the player, and can't be compensated for when you're burning a disc. :(

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One thing you need to remember (if you didn't already know) is when you do the burn, make sure the option to "close" the disc is chosen. Otherwise no matter what you burn as far as a CDA audio disc, it will never play in ANY CD player. The burned disc has to be "closed".


(EDIT)--I was just reminded (Thanks) that if you are using one of the recent Roxio EMC programs and use the program to burn and "AUDIO CD" (specifically) that you don't need to worry about closing" the disc. that is done for you by default. Just don't use Creator Classic to burn some ausio files to a CD and expect it to play in a CD player.



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