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I am a new user of a HP Pocket Media drive purchased 2 days ago - the backup and recovery software that came with is is Roxio BUMP 7. I did a backup of my C: which looked to include system state as well as all the contents of c drive. I am a home user that has lots of photos that I would hate to lose so bought this drive. If I back up my system 1x a month, I think that would be sufficient due to the way I use my pc. My question is, Can I just delete the backup made 1 month ago and just do a new one? That seems obvious but maybe not. Also, I note that you must be logged on as administrator to do backups. If I make changes to files on my non-administrator account, will those changes be picked up, if say, I set roxio up to do "backup only files that have changed" option. Perhaps I am making all of this more complicated than it really is, but it doesn't seem to be spelled out too clearly in the help section of roxio software. Appreciate any help you may offer. thank you.

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I admit I am not familiar with BUMP beyond knowing it is an disaster recovery program, that is, it is able to completely replace the information on your Hard Drive in the event of a disaster - including the Operating System and software programs.


The term "backup" is used generally for two very different things: a disaster recovery program, and making an archive of files you want to be able to refer to.


It sounds to me like what you want is to make an archive disc, including all of your .doc's, .jpg's, .mp3's, etc. For that, use a Sessions-based program such as the Data Disc in Sonic's Record Now, WinXP's built in burning (it doesn't work with DVDs, tho), Roxio's Creator Classic, etc. When that is closed, it can be read on any computer.


Use R media - it is more stable than RW media, and if it would cost more than the cost of the disc (15 cents by the spindle?) to replace the data, there is no reason to risk it on RW media (which costs more).


I didn't know that difference, and made a backup archive. Luckily, I got my computer restored, or I'd've lost all of the stuff in MyDocs and my downloads.



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