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Why Is Creating A Data Disk So Slow?

Mark Seger


Am I doing something wrong or is it just me, but selecting folders to copy is extremely slow.

I'm in Burn Data Disk and want to select some high level folds. I click on +Add and then go into browse because I want to select a top-level directory. When I double-click on the C: drive the program goes away for what feels like close to a minute before it shows me the top-level directory structure which only a couple of dozen folder in it. Feels like it's reading the entire disk structure. I eventually navigate down to the folder I want and drag it into the area that says to drag files there. Again, it goes away for a very long time before complying.


I used to use creator 7 and it was much faster. Is this operator error?



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No he is talking about the home app, Burn Data Disc. When you click Add Folder, it brings up a little browser. You can select files or folders in there and either click OK or drag them into the application. (Mark: stop dragging, it will bite you in the a__ one day and you will be sorry)


No the program doesn’t run slowly. Mine takes less than One Second to open and same to add a file or folder…


You have never posted your PC specs.


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re drag to disk - generally, I never use d-to-d as I tend to do most things in dos, but selecting a single folder when I want more than one is too painful - more on this later.


re specs - this is a 2.5GHz dual-core Itanium with 4GB ram, vista-32 and a 500GB hard drive. Do you need more info? Should have plenty of horsepower.


So just to be clear, and I'm doing this as I type, I click on +Add and a brower comes up and I click on Computer. I then see the C: drive and click on that - system goes out to lunch! actually more like dinner.


I'm seeing pretty low CPU with the task manager nor much I/O. haven't a clue why it's so slow.


Actually running this again I figured out why I was doing d-to-d. If I bring up a folder that has several sub-folders I want to add to my copy, if I click on one to select it and then OK, the brower window closes. To select the next one I have to go through the whole thing again, but if I d-to-d the window stays up. I know, not much of an exuse

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