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Issues With Installation (and Customer Support)



I purchased Creator 2009 from a brick and mortar store (Fry’s Electronics)

At first I could not get Creator to install, but found the clean install steps and that worked.

Once installed CinePlayer and “Copy and Convert” both crashed.

I opened a Service Ticket on 1/8 the reply I got back on the 1/10 said to do a clean reinstall. Which I tried again, this time the entire install failed. I have actually gone so far as to wipe my OS and try to the install on a clean OS, which again failed because it was “Interrupted”


My ticket is still open, but the reinstall advice I was given on the 10th is the only response I have received to date.


I tried contacting support by click on Contact Support from the support home page, which takes me back to my open ticket, but still no way to actually Contact Support, a bit of a misnomer.


I tried clicking Customer Service and dialed the 800-656-5443 number selecting option 2 for technical support and the recorded message states the Technical Support is not available from this location.


Since, the product doesn’t work and I can’t get support to help resolve the issue it’s time to look at a refund. The store I purchased Creator 2009 at does not refund software that’s been opened (this seems to be a common practice) they tell me to contact Roxio….. And I find this on Roxio’s website “Purchases made from vendors other than Roxio are subject to the return and/or refund policies of the vendor and cannot be returned through Roxio”


Roxio Creator 2009 sales for $99.99 on the Roxio store, that’s a lot of money to spend on a product that doesn’t work for me, and I can’t get support for and cannot get a refund for.


Besides telling everyone who will listen to never purchase anything from Roxio, what recourse do I have? Does anyone know what is interrupting the installation process?




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About all you have said in that is 'my car won't start'


Please - some specs - OS, CPU, RAM, graphics - things like that


When you did the clean install, did you do EXACTLY as it was laid out (there are a couple of hidden folders that also have to be removed as well as a couple of registry keys)

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