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Activation Small Business Creator



I have purchased a new Lenovo laptop and Roxi Creator Small business edition came preinstalled with it. I have trid the software and like it. However, when I tried to used the capture application it required to activate the mpeg-2. I answered Ok and got a "bad installation error". I looked on the forum for an answer and I have tried to used the manual activation worke around. However, I am never presented with the option.


I've read that we need to reinstall the software and do a "clean" install. However, this is not a solution I can use as my software came pre loaded and that there is no installation disk. I have reimage the computer from the recovery disks provided and the first thing I did was to try the autorisation again. Still didn't work. I tried to manually activate it, but once again I am not offered such option (the laptop is not connect to the net either by wire of by wifi).


Any suggestion?

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Most of the cut-down versions have the codecs deliberately crippled - and even if you manually install them, they won't work


Support for OEM versions is supposed to come from the supplier (Lenovo in your case) so you would probably be better asking them about what is missing or crippled in the version they supplied


There are that many variants in OEM software that we never see (most of us use the full suite) so we can't reeally say what is or isn't on one particular OEM

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