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Printing Tracks In Jewel Case



I'm trying to get familiar with how to print the music tracks on a jewel case....not a DVD....but jewel case. I can see the tracks in the edit box (tho it doesn't allow me to change fonts even tho it should), but the tracks will only print if I want them on a DVD box. HELP!


I'm so frustrated by purchasing software that claims to do everything I'm looking for, only to fall short of my expectations. The HELP info within the program is pretty much useless. If you want help from the company, you have to pay them. The company sets up these forums so customers can help other customers...so the company doesn't have to be bothered. (thanks ROXIO - big help you are) There are so many glitches in the software (I'm speaking about software in generally, now) that not only do you have to spend hours and hours and hours, ad nauseum in the learning curve just working with the software, but you have to spend even more hours and hours trying to get answers to questions that should be in the HELP window, and aren't. OK. I'm ranting. I'm just so frustrated and INFURIATED by the big software companies that think nothing of selling us software with unresolved glitches only to have their customers solve their problems for them. They make the corrections and remarket it as an upgrade or bigger, better, newer version....which costs more money. OK... more ranting. If I didn't use my computer for work, I'd drop-kick it out the second story window.



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