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Toast 8 & 10 Crashes When Burning Cd Or Dvd



Hallo everybody,

I'm new to this forum.

I have a dual 2.5 Ghz Power PC G5 with 6 gbRam OS X 10.5.6.

Every time I want to burn a disc, toast 8 & 10 crashes ( dark window ... restart computer with holding down powerbuttom for a few seconds). The 'burn folder' option on my mac instead writes the dvd's perfect.

When I create a new account on my mac, Toast works perfect.


How can I use Toast with my current account?


Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advance....

(sorry for my english)

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the Apple Hardware Test didn't find a problem with the ram.

The Mac still crashes when burning disks...

That's good to know. You say it works with a new account, so the next thing to try is trashing the Toast plist and prefs files in your User>Library>Preferences folder and relaunching Toast.

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The only time I have experienced the same as you is when there was defective RAM in my computer. Use the extended test on the hardware test that either came as a separate disc with your Mac is is part of the System Install disc that came with your Mac to test the RAM. You also can use this application to do a complete test of your RAM.

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