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Waste of $$



I have been using Creator version 7 for well over 2 years now. It has its issues, but after purchasing Version 8.0, I was VERY disappointed in it's performance! I was hoping this version would have eliminated the "bugs" that were in Version 7, but, many "new" bugs were introduced instead! The GUI interface is even MORE confusing than ver 7. Experiencing BIG BIG problems in video editor with audio out of sync with video in MPG files! EVERY single mpg I work with is as much as 5 seconds out of sync! When I play the raw original file in Windows Media Player 10, I have NO sync problems at all! The video editor demuxes the audio and stores it as a proxy wave file. That burns up a bunch of CPU energy, which makes it worse when I am trying to work with a video file! Everything jerks jerks along, making it frustrating. My index finger turns blue holding the mouse button down while scrolling the marker bar! Every hear of keyboard shortcuts?? Where are they? I wish I could use some keyboard buttons to mimic mouse actions! Same problem with earlier versions of Creator! I see NO improvements over the older versions, infact many "two steps forward, and one step backwards" scenarios. Just like many comments on the forums, technical help is scarce here. I am not going to spend 2 hours or more detailing out every snaffu I have run across in this program until, IF, some technical support team member actually contacts ME and asks me to detail out all my problems with Creator 8.0. I think the $100.00 retail price is way too high for a buggy program! As a matter of fact, I am going to my local Best Buy store and put little stickers on every software package they have on the shelf saying Do Not Purchase this product! If I am caught, I w/sit down with the store manager and explain my reasons. Best Buy sells it for as low as $79.95, which usually needs a proof of purchase of an older version that has to be sent in by mail for a $20.00 rebate! Ahhh! I am very close to uninstalling version 8 and reinstalling version 7........the least of two evils!

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Version 8 is much more demanding of the hardware than previous versions. If you have read through this forum, most problems can be solved by updating drivers. If your video card is integrated on the motherboard, you will have lots of problems. These chipsets simply do not fully support DirectX.


Editing MPEG has NEVER been recommended and ALL video editors have out of sync issues. It's a very complex situation because of the way MPEGs are compressed. Ulead, Adobe, and Sony have the same issue with some files. In fact, Adobe DOES NOT edit MPEG at all. Premiere and Premiere Elements will first CONVERT the file to DV AVI before editing.


Personally, I like the new interface.

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