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Mr Seelye


I just upgraded from EMC7.5 and OMG are there any software engineers left working at Roxio? My guess is there are only sales people. The type of problems I am reading about are totally unacceptable. Why the public tollerates such shotty work from these companies is beyond my comprehension. Yes I am frustrated, thanks for listening... lol


So to the problem...


I get a Visual C++ Runtime Error for ...merger11.exe and that it caused the program to terminate in an "unusual way", yes that is what it said "unusual way"


I also get a "unknown Capture error" when trying to capture analog video.


I uninstalled and reinstalled the software, removed Roxio 7.5 (which actually still worked fine)


Any ideas whats wrong?


The bit of reading I have done indicates running msconfig to check roxio settings and that perhaps my capture card is not supported.


My system is a 2 year old home brew

Intel MB

Intel Core duo 2.6G Quad Proc

4 Gig ram

Leadtek Video card

Samsung DVDRW

Kworld TV and Video Capture card

Win XP 32bit SP3

MS Office 2007

Windows MP11


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WMP11 will almost surely cause problems with 7.5 which may lead to other things.It shouldn't cause any problems with C2009.

Make sure you've removed 7.5 and C2009 and then try reinstalling C2009.

Use this for uninstalling and reinstalling C2009.

Use these directions for 7.5.

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Actually I think the Kworld capture device is the same as the Roxio USB Capture device, both coming from the same hut in China… Same Hut – Different Silkscreen :lol:


If you could write a Suite of applications as complex as 2009 how do you think it would fair in the real world???


Check your Video Card Drivers for updates, your DirectX and do the full Clean Install procedure.


If you have troubles after that, don't tinker with it, but come here and post!


We were just talking about the Kworld device. Their website did not indicate that it could capture Audio Only? Can you tell us anymore about it?


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Thanks for the fast replys.


Actually WMP11 and 7.5 were playing well together.


I will try uninstalingl Roxio (all versions) then update the video card driver, look for a capture card driver update, re-install Creator 2009.


I am using an older analog kworld NTSC analog/FM/video/Audio card (PVR 883). It does not show up in the Supported capture and import devices for Creator 2009 list. More later

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