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Right click on the downloaded .exe file and, presuming you have Winzip or Winrar, select 'Open with' and extract the files to a folder and then point the program to the folder you have just made


A good idea is to extract both of the files (they're seflf-extract archives) and then to burn the contents of them to two CDs - that way you have the full set safe


I have EMC 11 that I downloaded. When I right click on either of the two files there isn't an option for 'Open with'. I have Winzip. How then do I get the CPDP.MSI file if I am unable to extract the files or find the auto-extraction point? Thanks for your help!

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First of all - there is no 'EMC11'


Both files from the Roxio site are self-extracting archives - which leaves a question as to where you got your copy?


Oh my bad. Not sure where I got EMC 11. It's the 09 version. I realize that they are both self-extracting, but I need the CPDP.MSI file. I know it's in the archive because I see it when it is extracting the contents, but I don't know where the extraction point is. I've done a complete search on my computer, but no such luck.

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