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Capturing Audio In Toast 8?



Okay, go to this link:




Now, click "Why Upgrade."


Scroll to the bottom of the list.


Right above the "Watch" subhead is this descriptor:


"Capture streaming Internet audio - or any sound - as you hear it with one click"


And there's a gray dot under "Toast 8," meaning that it's "available" in Toast 8. Well, I have Toast Titanium 8 (and of course, a couple of weeks after I bought it Toast 9 came out, and now Toast 10 came out, and it's been well under a year!...and there's no upgrade-only price; have to re-buy the whole #$^@ thing!)....and I read the manual from cover to cover, and found no reference to this. I'm GUESSING you'd use CD Spin Doctor, but....how??? There's ZERO documentation for it...


And I'm NOT buying WireTap, Audio Hijack, etc. I use Soundflower, but that's a pain in the hiney to configure.


So...where's this alleged Internet sound capturing in Toast 8?

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I don't recall off the top of my head which features were added with which version of Toast. But presuming the chart is correct and that feature was included with the Toast 8 bundle, this is how to use it:


1. Launch CD Spin Doctor.

2. In the CD Spin Doctor menu (the one to the left of the File menu) find the item to install the audio capture plug in. Do that.

3. Relaunch Spin Doctor. Now choose the audio capture plug in as the input. Spin Doctor should record anything that is playing on the Mac.

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