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Unable To Install Content Pack, Emc 11



I just uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio Creator 2009 Ultimate. When I went to install the content pack I got an error "EMC 11 Content 1.1.19 is already installed" yet when I try to pull up additional menu styles, only the

basic ones are available. Does anyone know what the problem is - and if so, how I go about "fixing" it so I can enjoy the entra templates/menu's available in the content pack?
















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OK, a clean install did it! The only thing I'd recommend adding to those instructions is to make sure you're not connected to the 'net while doing all this, since disabling firewalls, AV & spyware protection leaves one completely vulnerable to the 'baddies' out there. I simply disabled my LAN connection in Control Panel, but physically disconnecting the ethernet cable would do equally well.

Thanks again for the advice. Now I'll start using Roxio Creator 2009 again!

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Actually having the connection running (DSL, cable, whatever) doesn't really do any harm. You don't actually 'connect' and get nasties downloading unless you actively run up an internet enabled app ;)


Glad to see you got it sorted - any problems on using it, check the hints and tips section for tutorial links and, if it's not there, post in the appropriate forum and somebody may know the answer

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Check in Videowave under tools, options


If your graphics system is below spec, it will default to software rendering and that reduces the number of transitions and templates


Post back with your graphics card make and model and also if you updated to the latest drivers and MS DirectX

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Thanks very much for the FAST reply!

My video card is an ATI Radeon HD4670. I've installed the latest driver (8-12_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm.enu_72271.exe). DX10 is also installed.

The computer itself is home-built with a Gigabyte P35DS3R motherboard supporting an Intel Q6600 quad-core processor and 4GB of


The odd thing is that the content pack was installed and worked until I uninstalled Roxio, rebooted and then reinstalled from the original DVD.

Any help is MUCH appreciated 'cuz I enjoyed using Roxio Creator 2009!





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Two or three things to try


If you have the DVD, go to the content folder and run the .msi file from there (just double click it)


Download - open the exe file with winrar or winzip (it's a self-extracting archive) and run setup.exe from that


If all else fails (this is mainly for a problem when it looked for EMC 10 content but it could work), try here



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Again, thanks for the reply. I ran the .exe file again. It extracts, starts to install then gives the "EMC 11 Content 1.1.19 is already installed" error, along with the advice to "go to control panel/add/remove programs and run a repair. Unfortunately "repair" is not shown as an option, only "remove."


Since it USED to work, my guess is that uninstalling left some bits & pieces behind (likely in the Registry) which is telling the content installer that it's allready "installed." Since Roxio (unlike NERO which I tried and didn't like) doesn't have a removal tool, my only option would be to open Regedit and remove any/all references to Roxio or Sonic - and even then I might not get it all! :-(


Btw, as you suggested I did try the patch for EMC10 you linked to, earlier. No luck.


If anyone can come up with a solution to this problem, I'd sure appreciate it.





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OK - best thing would be a clean install - this does entail removing a couple of registry entries, but the details are here




Whenm you remove the files, in XP there is a ghidden folder in Documents and Settings - App Data. There are two folders in there that also have to be removed (to get at it, open C drive and in tools, folder optionns, view, check 'show hidden files and folders'

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