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Very Slow Burning...

The Zombie


I am using Toast 9.0.4 to burn a Data DVD (containing a disk image and a few files) - My Pioneer DVR-115D is suddenly acting very strange. It speeds up and slows down on about a 10 second cycle. It goes from nearly full speed spin, to very quiet, and back to full speed spin, continuously throughout the burn process. As if it were processing many separate files and burning each one separately. Not sure what is going on, but has never done this before.


I completely uninstalled all Toast files and re-installed fresh, serial and all and re-burned the same files with same result.

Disc is fine and usable.


This 2.5 GB disc took about 7 or 8 minutes to complete, whereas before it would have only taken about 2 minutes!

Any ideas what could be causing this odd racing and slowing behavior? Could it just be this set of files, or the fact that there's a disc image inside?

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Need an answer to this.... I can't be the only hearing this alternating high speed, slow speed burning. Very slow progress when burning with Toast. DVR-115D sounds like it's going 100 mph and then 0, then back to 100.... every few seconds until burn complete. 3 minute burn now takes nearly 10 minutes!!


I can also hear what sounds like mechanical noise of some kind during slow quiet periods (clickety click click). High speed almost sounds like a fan or blow dryer but it is the disc spinning. Does not do this on every disc burn. Maybe every third one.


I feel this is a problem with Toast, not the burner. Toast seems to be giving the burner very strange instructions, like seeking and changing tracks constantly.


Any ideas???? Thanks

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