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Windows Xp 64-bit

Nadine H


I have EMC 9. I also have the Pinnacle Dazzle Video Capture device, DVC90. Apparently Pinnacle has no drivers for XP 64-bit for any of the video capture devices. I am considering the purchase of the Roxio Video Capture USB device, but before I do I need to make certain that it will work with Windows XP 64-bit. So I guess I have two questions: Does anyone know where I can get a driver for the Pinnacle DVC90? And/or is there a driver for the Roxio Video Capture USB for XP 64-bit?




frustrated Nadine

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XP 64 was never well supported for drivers - I remember in the beta it took months before most of us could even get printer drivers.


Unfortunately, the Dazzle 90 was only ever supplied with 32 bit XP drivers . the DVC100 came with XP32, Vista32 and Vista64. Nopw whether the Vista 64 ones would work is another matter, but they wouldn't wotrk for the 90.


I'm not sure about the new interface - it's possible that, again, it will be XP32 and Vista 32/64

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