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Rc 09 Very Slow, Hangs Up(program Not Responding)



I have installed and uninstalled Roxio Creator 2009 several times now. The last attemp was with a 'clean install' and now the program opens, but is EXTREMELY slow then eventually hangs up. Can't edit, move through menu options and then Task Manager says program not responding. This system is totally dedicated to video, mostly Tivo with not much if any other apps. Old MyDVD worked flawless, what's going on?



Intel Dual Core E5200 2.5Ghz 800mhz

800mhz fsb

4gb pc6400 ddr2

geforce 9500 gt 1gb

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30 minute shows


Forgot to mention I did download creator sp2

Would think it would be very happy with a 30 minute file!


Never worked with TiVo but to eliminate some of the usual suspects.


Try setting Tools - Options – Render, to Software.


And do you have a non-TiVo AVI or mpg you could use as a test?


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Can't find any render to software option in tools, options. Regular mpeg burned very fast and worked fine in regualr DVD player. Tivo file locks it up. The problem is Tivo is in partnership with roxio, tivos website claims this is the software to use, so does roxio. Again my old sonic mydvd worked flawless with 2-3 hr programs. This was supposed to be an upgrade.


The Tivo files are converted under the 'edit and transfer' then use 'copy and convert dvd-video' but's its so dang slow. Again both website make it sound like this software is designed for Tivo use. Are you familiar with any of th old sonic mydvd? Who bought out who?

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I am running Tivo Desktop Plus 2.6.2, hard wired LAN


I am aware that some programs are copy write protected, but these are the same shows I always burn. Tivo is pretty clear when there is a copywrite. I'm not new to this process by any means, I say this so you know I didn't just get a Tivo yesterday, I wouldn't waste everyones time out of respect.


I loaded the old MyDVD back in(after removingRC09) and it works perfect. Flys through the menu, flys through edit the Tivo files.


I'm having a hard time believing I should have to go through all this to try and get a program to work. I'm not a new user, my machine is way beyond capable of handling this program, and it's totally dedicated to Tivo and burning nothing else.


The common denominator here, and with everyone else on this forum is Roxio Creator 2009 has some issues.


If anyone has some ideas, not just try this, but really knows what might be going on, I'll try it, I need help.


In case I forget, THANK YOU Jim for responding so quickly. Even if I don't get it figured out, it's nice that someone is there that listens and trys to help. Thank you!


Is there any reason to believe the problem is with the download? Is the CD my best bet?

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