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Capture Audio From Sound Card



One of the features in RecordNow 9 is "Capture Audio from Sound Card". When I click this I get the message: "no recording device found". Anybody else have this problem? I get sound ok so I assume I have a sound card (although it may be on the motherboard.) I am using a Toshiba satellite laptop (purchased dec 2007) running Vista.


Note: After some research I have been advised that laptops usually have sound cards on the motherboard. So it is apparent that RecNow will not recognize it. The only option is to insert a sound card and disable the one on the motherboard if I want to use the capture feature on RecNow. Anybody know of good cards for laptops? Is it possible to do this? Anybody try this?

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Open the Sound icon in control panel, does anything show under the recording tab?


If so right click on it and check 'Show Disabled Device' . and thing different?


Your looking for What You Hear and Line-In. Please answer in detail...




RIght clicking on Recording showed that Realtek High Definition Audio is disabled. Right clicking the icon shows the device is the sound, video, and game controller and it is working properly. It is only disabled. If I enable it I assume that will solve my problem but is it going to mess up the sound I already have? Or is the latter disabled when the former is enabled?


Note: In the meantime I have found a program that provides me another way to record directly. The program is called Freecorder and it works great. It records anything you can hear from your speakers.



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