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Music On Dvd Menu


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I am creating a photo DVD slide show. When I create the DVD it has an auto music it puts on the menu page. I can not get the program to recognize my music. How do I add my own music??


You might want to start by telling us what version of the Roxio software you are using and what program, in the suite, you are using.


The music problem may be a DRM issue.

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That photo slide show application opens My DVD Express (look to the upper left for the application name). You cannot change the audio in the Express. You have the options to switch to the full MY DVD where you can change the audio.


Unless you are already in My DVD then what Bruce posted is correct. Add the audio as a wav file just in case.


Unless, of course if you have an OEM version (one that came with your computer). You may not have that option.


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