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High Def Slideshow

J. Richard


I've scanned in several thousand color slides @ 1200 dpi, which look excellent & sharp on my flat pannel computer screen as .jpg files. I just want them to look every bit as good as a slideshow on my new 1080p TV through a new SONY DVD player with HDMI cable. (Not too much to ask, is it?) I put about 1,000 four-second pictures on an 8.4 g DL DVD, selecting "Progressive" & High Quality. This uses less than 2/3 of the disk. It burns without a problem, ISO & DVD.

The resultant slideshow is not HD quality, and is slightly fuzzy. Is there anything I can do in EMC 10 to improve the quality for a sharp immage? Is there aything in 2009 that would? (I am not interested in BluRay)

(Incidentally, I have a small fortune invested in Roxio, having bought every new version for years, since they do not do enhancements for each version.)


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AVCHD is your only practical option.


Of course your Player has to be capable of playing a disc in that format.


There is no magic here. If it is DVD it is 720 X 480. Whereas a DVD burned as AVCHD will go 1920 X 1080P


But until you take the Blu-Ray plunge, you will never find a DVD Player that can come close.


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If you are looking for options:


If your player can accept it, you can make a jpg picture disc. The original quality will be there but no audio or transitions or anything. Manual operation.


You can also try making a Video CD picture disc but it will be a CD and not have anywhere near what you put on that DVD.


BTW, we are not Roxio employees (some may hold stock) but complaining about how much money you've spent usually falls on deaf ears.


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