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Music Lab 10 Not Working

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Bought the box version of Roxio Music Lab 10 and installed on my Dell laptop. Took a darned good long time to do so too but the program is almost 90mb large. After loading must do a restart. Comes back on then have to do the registration deal. Then have to restart again.


OK, now we have something. Or do we? I want to capture audio from Internet Radio. Seems simple enough. I just click on Capture Audio button right? Yes. Can do but it only connects the microphone input. The line input is silent.


Maybe it's me. So I go exploring around the new program looking for other things to do. Each time I click on the side bar the program hangs. Cotrol Alt DElete verifies that the program is not responding so try to close it. No can do. Only way to get it off the hung up screen is to do a hard boot. Restart finds the same problems again.


So, uninstall. This takes almost as long as the install part by the way. Then reinstall. Same hickups and stumbling.


This is not an overburdened computer and there is ample space on the hard drive so what's the deal? Is this a new program? Did I buy a box full of bugs? I did see one other post up on the General Chat that spoke of the very same problem.


Not much use this program is.

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You will not be able to capture streaming Internet radio with either Mic or Line in.Those are both inputs that are connected physically to a port on your sound device.Neither input will give you what you're looking for.


Some questions come up.


1)XP or Vista?


2)What type of sound device do you have?


Not all sound devices will give you the input you need to record streaming audio using Roxio.

You need to see if something like Wav,Speakers,What you hear...etc shows up as a choice.


If you don't have those inputs you might try Google and find some software that is made to record Internet radio.



OOPS!! didn't realize this thread was 3 weeks old before I responded.

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Thanks for your response.


I posted the above first entry but had to make a new account when the system would not let me in.


I was using a company computer, Dell, with the Vista sticker on it but when the thing starts up it says XP Pro. I just wanted the Music Lab in order to capture some talk radio off the Net before a long drive home.


I found out how to do it and it works great. All I had to do was get a audio patch cord with the stereo male plug on both ends. Just plug one end into the external mic and the other into the headphone jack. The sound card automatically detects a new input on the mic jack and lets me select "line". Good sound, no distortion. It only took a couple of tries to get the level correct and it sets comfortably at about half scale. The music programs I captured were actually of very good fidelity.


Only thing about this hookup is that it is not possible to monitor what you are recording. But that is for later right?


After the Music Lab 10 program settled down it was easy to use. No more locked screens. I really appreciate the function that lets us chop up long recordings into shorter segments. That way I can record all night then later make shorter programs that fit onto CD.


This trick may not work on everyone's computer but I really wanted to post this in case someone else had the same difficulty.


Oh! Why do I want to record talk radio? Because I live and work in Japan. It helps pass the time on the long highway. In the USA it would be easier to just turn on the radio of course.



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That'll work as all you're recording is the output from the headphone jack back into the Mic jack.


I doubt seriously you'll be able to monitor it.I've never seen a soundcard show the headphone jack as a choice of outputs.The outs are usually what's routed through the speakers and headphones aren't.


As long as you get a good sound go with what works.

Glad you figured something out.

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