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Usb / Video Driver Is Not Working Anymore


Hello all,


I have the VHS to DVD software and the updated USB driver loaded from the site in the note packed with the product, but everytime I plug in the dongle, it sees it as new hardware and the insall always fails with :


Error occurred during install

The data is invalid


I have removed,repaired and every other thing I can think of, but to no avail.


This did work at one time and I was able to used the video capture. The problem seems to have started after I tried to use the software from Sony DCR I inherited which also had problems. I removed this using the uninstall software, but now it seems there is still a problem with the drivers.


Any ideas on how to recover from this?


Any help would be appreciated.





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When the video capture device was working, and it was after you started using the Sony software, there's a good chance that you have some installed files from the Sony software that are in conflict with the USB capture device. What steps did you go through to remove the Sony software ? Just removing from CTRL Panel and add/remove programs might not have removed all of the associated files that still reside on the computer somewhere.



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