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Dmsm & Dmsd Files



If I am not mistaken, I have read somewhere in the forum where you can open

dmsm files in MyDVD or vice versa dmsd files in VideoWave...

or am I mistaken!!!..

If that is possible, how do you go about it...please

Many thanks


I stand corrected...Jim


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You are mistaken – No just kidding… :lol:


dmsm files are VideoWave productions. (note it is an m on the end not an 'n' as you typed)


dmsd files are MyDVD productions.


MyDVD will allow you Add a dmsm file and it becomes a Title. The problem comes in if you want to make changes in that file… This is covered in the pinned post about Strategy in Tips & Tricks, Here.


VideoWave will not open any dmsd file!!! And since it is an Editor that would make no sense whatsoever if it could??? :o


However what you can do if you have made changes in clip or created your whole project in MyDVD (and we did warn you about that :D ) is output each menu item to a mpeg file and bring those into VideoWave.


You do this by right clicking on the Menu button and select Edit Movie. Then when the limited editor is open do a Export As.

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