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What Settings/format To Use For Best Quality Video? Help





I want to build a video library with the best quality possible.

i have video_ts folders of some of my non-encrypted DVD.

i want to convert them into a format that can be played in just about anywhere.

i have a ps3 too. i tried doing a cartoon for my son, that i had on video_ts folder, and i used the apple tv settings, it didnt keep all the other channels for the other languages.

my wife likes our son to watch them in spanish but i also want to keep the english version. how do i do this?

what is the best format/settings to use to convert my video_ts files to a very universal format with minimal to no loss in video quality, and keep all the different languages. im not worried about amount of space.


my goal is to have all my non-encrypted DVD's ripped on my computer and so i can have a library.


any help would be really great.



i have a late 2006 macbook with toast 10

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There is nothing that is a universal format so the essential thing I need to know is what devices need to be able to play these videos. There are devices that can play VIDEO_TS folders the same as DVDs and some can play disc image files the same as DVDs in which case you don't need to do any conversion and retain access to all the multiple audio tracks. I'm not aware of any way to convert to other formats while retaining all the languages. You'd need to choose which language you want with the converted video.

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