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Wont Finish Disc Image

Josh Mason


Hello everyone.


I have searched the forums but did not find anything that appeared to be the same as what I am running in to otherwise I just am not seeing it.


I am trying to create a Blue Ray Disk image of a bunch of files I am trying to back up before I actually burn the disk. The issue I am having is that toast will get stuck on 100%. In the past i have had issues with permissions errors causing a very similar thing except it would happen at 99% hence why I started making an image first to keep from wasting 30 dollars a disk. I have checked out every file I am trying to back up and none of them appear to have the wrong permissions so I am completely stuck on this one. It is giving me an image file in the end but when I use the compare tool it says all of the files are mismatched.


I question the naming structure of the files but again I looked through the files and I do not believe that is an issue either though i am not entirely sure what different programs except or do not like.


Any ideas would be helpful.



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I did a little more investegating and I discovered that there were a couple of files with the same name just one was upper case letters and the other was lower. I just changed the names of the files and I am running it again to see if it works.


It worked for all of you out there with the same problem. Changing the name of the files that had the same name but one with upper and the other lower case letters worked. It didn't get hung up on 100 percent this time and I have an image to burn.

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