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Multiple disc projects? Or 3HR mpeg, how to burn?



Ok, I want to burn to DVD a long movie. It was a TIVO file that I converted using DSD.


Obviously 3 hours is too long for a single DVD, but I am trying to figure out what is the correct way to

split this up so I can make it fit on 2 DVDs?


The source file is a little over 4.7 GIG, but when MyDVD accesses it, it says way over 5 GIG. If I use Videowave, it wants to rerender, at 12GIG!


I tried splitting it in videowave so that I'd only have about 1.5 hrs of video, but again, Videowave renders it and it ends up being larger then what will fit on a single DVD.


Looking for some help/ideas here...





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