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I Need Track Burn Order View



In the days before Vista (think "DOS" maybe) when you viewed a folder (or root) of any folder or external media (e.g., CD) you would see its natural order - i.e., the order in which the files were placed in the folder or CD.

After burning a CD with Roxio I often "think" I have had the CD tracks burnt in reverse of the order I saw them on Roxio's "list" pane. I'm having trouble looking at the burnt CD and verifying this because I can't find a way to view the CD in track order sort.


When I 'open' the CD (or any folder) in Vista I have, of course, a number of columns/attributes to view (e.g., date modified, name, album, etc.); each of these can be sorted A-Z or Z-A. I would like to find an attribute where, when I sort A-Z, I'm seeing the exact order of the tracks as they were placed on the CD. I've tried a number of them (examples: Date created, Date received, Date acquired) but none of these seem to do the job.


Can someone assist me?

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Nothing has changed since DOS…


The order you see is in the DOS Sort order. It doesn’t matter in what order they are burned onto a disc, the OS places them in the order you picked to view them in…


If they are alphabetical from A-Z and you click on Name, they will toggle to alphabetical, Z-A.


If you click Date they will sort Old to New. Click it again and they will toggle New to Old.


But there is nothing in Explorer that will do what you want. – never was…


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