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Extracting Video In Toast 10



There is no documentation on how to extract video. I have 2 dvd's of old VHS family stuff - I want to combine some clips.

I defined a set of clips from one dvd. Now what?- when I hit extract it keeps on updating the video ts folder. NOthing happens-I have to redefine the clips again.

What does one do after the clips are defined?

Thanks for any help.


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I see from your other post that you may have figured this out. But you're asking a good question. If you want to select clips from videos in a VIDEO_TS folder you need to follow a few steps.


1. If you want the end result to be a new video DVD choose DVD video as the format in the Video window. If you want the end result to be exported video converted to another format choose Video Files as the format in the Convert window.


2. Drag the VIDEO_TS folder to the Video window. Toast will show each of the video titles contained in the VIDEO_TS folder. You can delete any that you don't want to use.


3. Click the Extract button next to a title to enter the Toast Video Player/Editor. The default in the editor is to mark segments you want to exclude from your video. There is an inverse button that will change it so you mark the portion you want to include rather than exclude. Scroll to a frame where you want to start an edit. Click the triangle at the bottom of the window to place the edit marker. Drag the right half of the edit marker to the right until you reach the frame where you want the edit to end. You can do this with multiple markers. When you are done with your editing choose Save. This only saves the location of the markers. I does not change your source video file in any way.


4. Return to Toast. The video that Toast includes in a DVD or converts to a new format is what is not excluded by your edits.


5. You can re-enter the Toast Video Player and move, delete or create markers, choose Save and do a different output.

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