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Need Help Identifying Error Message



I run Windows Vista. I have Easy Media Creator 10 Suite. I was able to creat cd's, data cd's and dvd's. Everything was working fine up unto about two weeks ago. Since then I have completely distroyed many dvds. I am still able to burn onto cd's and data cd's without any problems. But everytime I go to create a dvd I keep getting an error message.


Steps -


Open EMC 10.

Insert Blank DVD. Program recognizes blank.

Click on Copy DVDs.

Click on Video Complication.

Add Files from my external drive.

Click Burn Process starts.

But then got this error message.


Error message -


("Write error = Meduim error."[03/0c/00])

Sense Key = 0x03

ASC - 0x0C

ASCQ - 0x00

Ulong: Error Number = 130C000A

String: Error String = Write Error - Medium Error



I followed the steps on the tech page to check to make sure that my driver was up to date. It was. I followed the steps remove Roxio and Sonic files from my computer. Restarted. I then downloaded the DirectX, I wasn't sure if my computer had this or not. So I downloaded it anyways. I then restarted my computer. I then retried the program following the same steps I did before. The file burns onto the dvd until about 80%. Now I'm getting this error message.


Error message -


"Unknown Error" 0x00000001

Ulong: Error Number = 00000001

String: Error String = Unknown Error


Can anyone help me with this problem?

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Your media is bad or your drive is bad.


Try some Verbatim for media, but most likely the laser that reads and writes DVD's is a goner…



so your saying it's likely the dvd burner? now how is that possible when I'm still able to burn onto cd and data. Excess me if I sound stupid. Don't really understand how components work.

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Okay but then how am I still able use the copy disc function from the program and it work fine? I use this for dvds also. And all those I'm still able to view.



Jim and Daithi were offering suggestions, they don't live close enough to make a house call. :)


You'll have to help figure it out.


atapi error codes page.


030C00 4 5 6 Write error


There are many cases where there is a problem with the disc, or information cannot be retrieved from the disc properly. The PC may be unstable or try a new disc.







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