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Windows Media Center?



I am not sure, but I thougth I read somewhere that Roxio Ultimate 2009 requires some components of Windows Media Center on Vista?


is that true?


To this day, after several trouble tickets, dozens of "clean unistall/installs", both SP2 and SP3, I still can NOT get the Media Browser to stay running AT ALL. I fails everytime within 30 seconds of startting with a runtime error.


I can use most of the tools, just so long as I don't use the Media/File Browser, but thats irriating since I need to use this to orginize my video's, my music, pictures, etc.. all the things I bought this software FOR. And can't USE it.


So, I tried running Media Center on my system, tried to go to the libraray setup portion (in Vista, not to be confused with just Media Player, but Media Center). When I try to run the "Library option" of Media Center, I get an error that some components of Media center are not installed correctly.


But then I can't actually figure out how to "reinstall" all of Media center. Its really doing the same thing as Roxio, I can view photo's, video's, music, but individualyy from the individual app. I can not use the Vista Media Center Library, nor can I use Roxio Media/File Library tool.


So, is there a connection here?



Just looking for ways to actually use this Roxio Software I purchased. I have had Roxio for years, and up until Ultimate Creator 2009, haven't had many problems with it.


Now I am actually hoping I can get my money back or something.


Since its pretty much useless.


and YES.. I have done the "clean install' so many times its ludicrous.


Thanks for any advice in advance

Anyone know how I go about reinstalling ALL OF MEDIA CENTER? This isn't to be confused with Windows Media Player

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As far as I know, Creator 2009 does not require Media Center. That would leave out a lot of potential customers. If you are having Media Center issues, you may have to reinstall Vista. That may also fix your install issues with Creator 2009. If you do this, make sure you do NOT update to .NET 3.5 SP1 before installing C2009. We already know that there is an issue with that version.

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