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Finally Got Creator 2009 Installed



Purchased Creator 2009 in November, 2008 and have been trying since then to install this software. I have been in contact with Roxio tech support numerous times with no success. First I am running Windows Vista 32 bit. I had uninstalled all previous Roxio/Sonic products that I had. Finally I happened to see a reply to a question that I had not seen before, and I followed that suggestion which was very simple, and I am beyond thrilled that without major surgery to my computer, Creator 2009 is now officially installed.


Here is the link from the thread: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showforum=196 - follow the link.


Under the "Resolution" click on the 2009ContentDiscError_HotFix.zip follow its instruction and then reinstall Creator 2009. I was afraid to watch the installation and so I kept minimizing it, but holding my breath, and lo and behold it said installation was successful. I even opened the program just to make sure it worked and I am so thrilled.


I hope in my limited way this can help someone else get up and running. I am not a tech guru, just an old grandma that has just enough knowledge of computers to be dangerous (smile).

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Good to hear but the "Hotfix" only applies to one specific install problem and will not fix anything beyond that…


They are still looking for the magic bullet :huh:

Well Jim, you were right regarding the Hotfix only applies to one specific install problem and would not fix anything beyond that.


My head has been hung in shame since I originally wrote. I have installed SP3, the Hotfix has been downloaded and applied and Creator 2009 installed so that I can see all the "pretty templates, cards, calendars, etc. But, my next problem is when I click on a project the message I am now getting is "Please insert the Content CD labelled" into a CD or DVD drive then click retry".


My Creator 2009 only came with the one DVD and I have looked and did a search for Content CD, but could not find anything. I am still hanging in here in anticipation that one day my Creator 2009 will up 100% up and running flawlessly.


Thank you in advance for any instructions or solutions from anyone, I appreciate it.

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