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Here's the deal. First I don't know if you are supposed to use DVD-R disks or DVD-RW disks. I am trying DVD-R disks, currently. Here's what happens when I load that disk in my HP Vista PC.


When I get to the "Plug and Burn" page, I insert the disk per instructions. Once that is done, an error message comes up that says: "This device is in use. Another program or process is using this drive. Do you want to format it anyway?"


Then the Computer DVD RW Drive window opens and asks me to drag files to folder to add them to disk


Then a copy folder appears in the window. The text says, "The destination folder is a subfolder of the source folder."


I just hit cancel. I am frustrated. I like the concept of this product, and I want to use it. Please help.


Thanks for anything you can do to get me going.


Jeff Glatzer

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Sounds like either Vista's burning app is kicking in or some other programs packet writing program is.That's the only time you would format a disc.


I'm not at a Vista machine right now but try looking in the Help files for help in turning it off.

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My video capture isn't responding. The picture is black when I am actively trying to play and edit a tape in the VCR. When I click on "plug and burn", at the top of the window it says, "Plug and Burn not responding". What do I do? Is it fixable? I have a Vista PC.


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Basically it would appear that you never have gotten a complete install of the software and drivers.


Why don't you try uninstalling everything, deleting the drivers in Device Manager (while the device is plugged in) reboot.


Then get out the instructions and follow them one line at a time. Don't get creative, follow them!


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