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Easycd Creator 4.05


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To copy some photos stored on my old Windows98 PC to a CD, after connecting the USB cable, my Philips CDRW 460 recorder and installing the cable driver I reinstalled ECDC 4.05. (It was uninstalled after I upgraded to a laptop). No problem until I click Create CD. Error message: "No supported CD recorders available. Check cables (OK). You may need to update Easy CD Creator to recognize your recorder". After much searching I was unable to find an update. Any solutions?

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That's about 7 versions out of date - it's almost certain that your drive is too new to be recognised by the database.


Later versions (starting from 6) used dynamic detection and didn't need the database of drives - you would really need to upgrade to version 7 or better (check on e-Bay and Amazon and you should find 7.5 available - just make sure it's not an OEM version which will have parts removed)

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Can we presume that Windows is seeing your burner, reading from it and talking to it properly? If that's affirmative I think it's safe to assume the USB drivers are connecting properly in Windows 98.


Can you tell me please what is the Drive ID of your Philips drive?

Run Windows Device Manager, and then click on the plus (+) sign alongside the CDROM icon there. The 'tree' should expand to show you the Drive ID of each drive you have installed.

In my case we see CDRWITER IDE5232, and DVDRW IDE H16X. What do you see [exactly] in yours?

The nearest to yours I can see in my ECDC 4.05 is PHILIPS PCA460RW. Is that what you have?


Now, can you tell me exactly what version of Easy CD Creator you have installed? Run Creator, and go to Help >About Easy CD Creator. What version number shows?

From memory, Easy CD Creator 4 came with install shipping discs at 4.00 and 4.02 so it's unlikely you have 4.05 installed unless you have already applied updates.




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