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Video Freeze When Playing/importing Dvd Rip



I'm attempting to import two different titles from the same DVD into another project I've created. The DVD in question is not copy protected. When I import the VOB files into Video Wave, the files play just fine, but the last 16 seconds or so freeze. The timer keeps going, but the audio cuts out and the image remains fixed that was the last playable frame. This happens also when I try to convert the VOB file to DivX and WM9 as well. This also is the case when I import into MyDVD...and even in the preview window. I have ripped this same DVD with both Roxio and also a free DVDrip program I got off download.com and still encounter the same problem within Roxio. I have even tried getting a different copy of said DVD and re-ripping. When I ripped a different DVD, I do not experience this issue and am able to import the clips in their entirety.

I know that the DVD rip works because I can play the entire thing flawlessly within windows media center using the DVD Library tool. Does anyone know how I might go about solving this issue?


My PC is:

AMD Turion X2 2.2 Ghz


Windows Vista-64

ATI Radeon HD 3200


Thank you for your time and help!



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The source sound like it was never finalized, guessing it was a DVD-R or –RW from a Recorder???


If nothing works, I think you realize that it is corrupt and unless you can finalize it in the Recorder that recorded it, it is a lost cause.


I just don't understand why I'd be able to view the entire video in other players besides Roxio if the source was never finalized.

I'm unsure what the type of disc is...it's from a company I do business with and the DVDs are mass produced.



I downloaded a trial of a different software called Edited Out - I can view the portions of the files Roxio won't allow me to. I'd really rather not purchase more software to get this video converted... If anyone has some insight, I'd be grateful.

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