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Roxio Creator



I just recently started to mess around with Roxio Creator. I bought this laptop just under a year ago. It came with Roxio Creator. It says Roxio Creator DE

Version: 9.0.117 . It appears to be fully functional. I am looking to create a DVD for my band. Take pieces of different videos of our live footage and put together a little demo. On the main menu I would like to put a picture of our band. I cant seem to figure out how to do any of this. I have been able to take some of the mpeg's I have and throw a DVD together with some scenic picture for the menu and somebody elses background music. With this version of Roxio am I able to do all this or do I need to pay for upgrade? I am also looking at Magix Movie Edit Pro which is less than $50.00. I am also looking for a software that is fairly easy to use. Judging by Magix demo, I am not sure this is too easy. I am just trying to decide that if I need to upgrade Roxio, which way I should go. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated and if anybody has any experience with Magix software. Thanks.

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You have a stripped down Dell, OEM version of the software that is purposely crippled. Most of us, who post here, have full versions of the software and don't know totally, what the stripped down versions can or can't do.


In MyDVD, right click on the Preview screen, you should have an option that says, Browse for background. Or, on the left side of the page, under Edit, there should be an option that says, Change Menu Background.


If you don't have either of those options, then your version has it disabled, with no way to enable it.

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