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Should I Buy Toast 9 Or Just Popcord



I was going to purchase Toast 10 Pro this evening for the discount, however, I read that it requires Leopard??? Won't work with Tiger???

If the above is the case and all I want to do is copy the contents of 40-50 DVDs onto one DVD, shouldn't I purchase Popcorn? ( I teach Final Cut and have 5 years of students' separate works - each on a separate DVD disk.

Also, I notice that on this forum, those of you with 10.5 - are having issues with Toast 9 now that you've upgraded to Leopard. Is it true that it worked fine with Tiger v. 10.4.11?

Am I correct?

So, bottom line, with Tiger should I buy Toast 9? Are the extra features worth it? Or should I just get Popcorn?


Thanks in advance -

B. Slim

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